Specialty Controls is pleased to offer service in the following areas:
CNC Control Retrofits
CNC Servo Motors
CNC Servo Drives         
CNC Spindle Motors
AC/DC Frequency Drives
AC/DC Motor Armatures
Hydraulic/Coolant Pump Systems
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators
Servo Valves
Programmable Logic Control Repair
CRT Monitors
Printed Circuit Boards
Incremental/Differential Encoder Repair
Touch Probe Replacement
Axis Alignment/Compensation
Machine Levelness
Machine Square

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Servo Drive Systems
Linear Axes, Rotary Axes, & Contouring Axes are an integral part of your machine’s make up. A failure to perform a positioning move & cut to tolerance is an area we take seriously. Servos have to respond with accuracy. Servos require tuning & must be balanced in order to hold tight tolerances when positioning. Positioning errors & back lash due to bad mechanics cannot be compensated for with CNC controls unless the integrity of the mechanics is sound. Specialty Controls is an industry leader in the repair of servo system mechanics. We have the ability to remove bad lead screws for replacement or repair. We check the fit of your thrust bearing assemblies to minimize backlash & compensate your axis with minimal parameter adjustment. Specialty Controls can repair most brands of servo drives & controllers down to the component level. We provide industrial electronic repair services to numerous types of drive systems. We offer replacement of servos on an exchange basis that allow you to be up & running in most instances the very next day.
(912) 665-1043 Telephone
Specialty Controls
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Savannah, GA  31419
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Specialty Controls provides comprehensive and reliable repair to automated industrial equipment and many other types of conventional machinery. Our priority at Specialty Controls is the timely and effective repair of your malfunctioning equipment. Throughout your machine's life cycle, Specialty Controls is here with a local support network that provides continuous and comprehensive machine tool services.

On-Site Service & Repair
Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNC)
Spindles, AC/DC Inverters, and Servo Drives are what keep your machinery in motion. These key components are the very heart of your CNC, but if your problem is electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic we have the skill set to make on site repairs to your CNC machine to get you back up, & operational in no time. We work with numerous OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to efficiently evaluate your machinery needs. Our test equipment pin points the area of your problem, & we make repairs based on these findings. On Site repairs made to your machinery by a competent technician that has the capability of going above & beyond your expectations is what you can expect from our service.
These are the tools of the trades. We specialize in their repair 365 days out of the year. It’s what we do. Thirty years in the business has given us a thorough understanding of how these systems are designed to operate. We have the mechanical aptitude to remove/rebuild spindles. We can perform mechanical alignments to your machine after the replacement of a roller pack or gib adjustment. We make repairs to tool changers, turrets, & tailstocks. We service hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, & their components to keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency. Detailed preventative maintenance is a service we provide, or design for your shop to implement. Whether you own a Bridgeport Mill, or Cincinnati 5 axis Gantry, we understand what it takes to get you operating & keep you in business.
AC/DC Frequency Drives
Specialty Controls is endorsed by Yaskawa Electric America one of the leading frequency drive manufacturers in the world. We are an Authorized Service Provider for Yaskawa & we work for you, the customer, as a team. We also specialize in ABB, Square D, Control Techniques, Siemens, & AC Tech. We utilize their software to program & ready your drive for operation. We have the ability to retrofit with these manufacturers, or we can install a drive of your choice. When your drive & motor are experiencing a problem, we have the tools on hand to isolate the problem & get it resolved. We know when conditions dictate to install Line Reactors, DV/DT Filters, or Sine Wave Filters. Our test equipment documents these findings for you to see at the time of service. Whether it be an AC/DC Spindle Motor, Pump/Lift Station, or an HVAC System, we understand the needs of your business.

Communication Systems/Networks
CNC machines must have seamless execution on a network in order to get your part programs in to the memory for use.  RS-232 or RS-485 are the most common ways in which to perform this operation. If you need a machine to communicate to your network in this fashion, we have the expertise to fabricate the cables. We can provide you the software recommendations for accomplishing this task & set your host computer(s) to talk to the machines the way that they were designed. We know the components to use to rid you of the problems you may be experiencing.
Computerized Numerical
Servo Drives
Frequency Drives
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